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Gallery 66

Gallery 66 at the Visitors Center is a multi-use space of approximately 800 square feet. The space is leased by the NBDD from Neighborhood Services and is curated by Adrian Elliott, an employee of the NBDD. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the gallery space was used 4.2 times per week for a variety of uses.

The space is used for:

Meetings: NBDD committee and Board meetings, City department meetings and outreach programs, meetings for non-profit groups who may not have space of their own or need larger space, meetings for training classes, ie; Drug Awareness Training.

Events: Monthly, Adrian Elliott holds the Downtown Open-Mic Night which invites both amateur and professional community members to come and perform. Outside groups have used the space for different purposes, ie; Charter Oak College used the space for their virtual graduation. Just recently, a TikTok Class for Kids was held on a Saturday. During Black History Month, the space was used for a full week of events which displayed cultural activities of the Afro-American community. The space has been host to the inaugural meeting of the Multi-Cultural Business Coalition networking group, a joint NBDD/Greater New Britain Chamber effort to better educate and support our varied minority businesses in Downtown and in the City. The space has also been used by the CCSU Veterans Center to recognize the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War, and the space is used to coordinate and store needed set-up and supplies for all Downtown events.

Active Art & Performing Arts Gallery: Our curator uses the space to host revolving art shows. Every 6-8 weeks we have a new art show in the gallery. Each show has an opening reception, which we invite the community to attend. Many noted artists have shown in Gallery 66, including the works of Dr. John Fitzsimmons, Jonathan Jones (JJ the Artist), Olivia Nguyen (Fiyabomb), and Rachael Lussier (The Hardware Store). These artists have shown their work all over the country, some internationally. The space has also been used for youth dance classes and to showcase local artists.

Currently on display at the New Britain Downtown Visitors Center Gallery:


Mosaic Art Exhibition

~ “Open Mic” ~

3rd Thursday of every month at Gallery 66, 6-9 pm

Open Mic is on hold during the pandemic. Stayed tuned for updates.

New Britain Downtown District Visitors Center Gallery

66 West Main Street, New Britain

Normal Gallery Hours: Mon.-Thu. noon-5pm; Fri. noon-4pm